MeDDIC has three core focus areas that form the basis of its new programmes:


CO 1: Integrated and Cohesive Ecosystem

Policy and Regulatory Support

Strengthening the Ecosystem

Leveraging Funding



CO 2: Localisation and Rapid Product Development

Establish a Technology Product Development and Manufacturing Pipeline

Support Regulatory Compliance

Increase Utilisation of Key Technologies, Platforms and Capabilities


CO 3: Human Capital Development

Development of Regulatory Knowledge and Expertise

Key Skills Training



Current MeDDIC programmes

Medical Devices Stakeholder Forum (MSDF) – MeDDIC hosts the secretariat for the MDSF, which is aimed at providing a platform for increased cooperation and information sharing amongst key stakeholders in the medical devices ecosystem. Please contact us if you are not yet included in the mailing list for the Forum.
Recording from the last MSDF meeting held on 17 March 2022.

The next MDSF meeting will be planned for May 2022 to discuss the results of the medical devices landscape analysis conducted by the SAMRC and how to utilize the findings to build and grow the medical devices ecosystem.
Support for regulatory compliance -  MeDDIC has teamed up with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to offer regulatory support to those in the sector developing new or improved medical devices.
Seed funding for innovation and localization of medical device manufacture – MeDDIC is supporting 4 projects to localize the production of currently imported devices and has recently awarded seed fund grants to 9 applicants in response to the 2021 Request for Applications for Seed Funding for the development of new medical devices and diagnostics.